%Genuine Spell Casting & Natural Healing Services %Dr KeithGENERAL ATTRACTION : Enhances your overall appeal as a person, both personality-wise and visually. This is a general attraction spell.

SEXUAL ATTRACTION : This spell is used to draw someone to you sexually. This may be an existing partner who has “gone off” you or “gone off” sex, or it could be someone you have your eye on

BEWITCHING : This spell adds mystery, fascination and sexual allure to your auric field, making you more attractive to people. Use it to gain sexual interest from people, or to gain the attention of someone you have your eye on so they notice you “in that way”. This is a more beguiling formula than others – there is a strong element of glamour magics in this spell.

BETTER SEX : This spell is designed to improve the quality of sex you have with your partner. It can be used to enhance your own skills and enjoyment, or to improve theirs, or a mixture of both.

BEAUTY : A traditional “glamour” spell that works to make you feel and look more beautiful. This spell works to make you feel happier with what you see in the mirror, and it also makes other people view you as more attractive. Please note this spell cannot change facial features -only cosmetic surgery can achieve that.

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