Get-an-Ex-Back Spell

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bring a lover back spell get ex back fast spells, revenge spells and curses, signs your under a spell.Breakups are tough. They can be even worse if you don’t know why the breakup happened the way it did. Maybe they’ve moved on or perhaps you’re in a “no contact” situation. Whatever the case may be, this spell will put you right back in their head.

Get-an-Ex-Back Spell – What you need to do: 

  • A photo of just your ex
  • A photo of just you
  • Rose oil
  • A red candle

How to cast: 

In the morning, dress your candle in the rose oil.

Place your picture and your ex’s picture together. Put both pictures beneath the candle holder.

Visualize your memories together—all the good times. If you’d like, you can attempt to send a specific message to your ex.

Once you’ve set the intention, light the candle and let it burn all day long.

At the end of the day, tilt the candle over so small droplets of wax fall on your ex’s picture. Place your picture on theirs so that the wax seals them together. Put the pictures in an envelope and keep in a sacred place until they contact you.