Green Candles Free Lottery Spell

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prayer? This simple lottery spell calls for a special visualization method and a few magical words.

First and foremost, we need to concentrate on how we want to see each other in the future while maintaining a positive attitude.

Think about your overall health, your kids attending a university, your mortgage being paid, and all your other needs being met.

You must carry out the spell once you have focused entirely on your future.

This visualization exercise is what will allow this specific spell to work. If you are having trouble focusing and visualizing, wait until you are calm and in tune with the energy to cast the spell.

Items required

Two green candles

Patchouli oil, an essential (If you don’t have patchouli, you can substitute rosemary essential oil.) Several tiny coins

Equal amounts of malachite stones (instead, you can use tiger’s eye, amber, or green jade). A lighter

How to do it – Green Candles Free Lottery Spell

While visualizing the success you’ve always wanted in your life, combine one of the green candles with patchouli essential oil.

Place the lit candle on the altar (if you do not have a regular altar, a simple plain light table will do the trick).

Place malachite stones and clean coins all around the candle.

Say this aloud three times

“Water, fire, earth, and air are the four elements that I (your name) invoke.” Bring me any amount of money I want. for the highest good and without causing harm to anyone. OK, fine. “

Then light the second green candle, and as it burns, keep a constant eye on it with the mindset of a future millionaire until it is finished.

You can bury the remains inside your house or in your garden. Malachite coins and stones must always be kept in your pocket or purse.

You now have to wait for this spell to work. It typically shows up within 10 days. Recast it if nothing happens.