Hypnotize Someone in Your Love

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David hastily scrambled on to my couch. His swollen red eyes and his crumpled clothes told me he was a man in agony.

I’d seen it a thousand times before. Guys like David came running into my office every week, all of them with a similar story.

Can someone be hypnotized to love someone?/ I hypnotize a man I love?/ do you mesmerise someone?/How do you hypnotize someone with words?

In this article, I’m going to teach you exactly what I taught David. But, before we go there, there are a few things I need to clarify.

To make this method work for you, you will need to have balls of steel. You need a real brass ring-piece to pull it off.

Don’t get me wrong now. The techniques I’m going to teach you aren’t that difficult by any means…

…but a lot of men worry about the moral repercussions on their conscience.

Frankly, your “morals” or “ethics” are none of my concern. I mean, I’ve received lots of backlash from my “how to seduce a married woman” guide and yet I didn’t give a shit.

Also, understand that this isn’t some worthless ‘if you love her, let her go’ bullshit you see on every dating site out there.

Make no mistake… what I am going to share with you is pretty manipulative by any standard.

In fact, these are the same techniques used by some of the world’s most notorious bastards to achieve their dastardly goals.

How to Hypnotize Someone to Love You

Don’t get me wrong now has its time and place.

For example, if you want to impress a girl you just met, or if you want to get the phone number of that chick you met at the bar… then “seduction” tricks can be useful.

To the large majority of Shogun Method clients, their needs are different.

For one, they are already WAY past the “pickup” stage.

David, for instance, would need way more than “Pickup Artist” trickery to put his woman under control.

Makes sense?

As far as Shogun Method is concerned, “seduction” is only the beginning.

As soon as I mention this word to my clients, their eyes widen like I’ve just told them they have to commit mass murder.

Let’s not kid ourselves here…

The word Enslavement conjures up pretty grim visuals, I’ll admit to that.

Let me clarify something here. What I’m talking about is emotional, not physical Enslavement.

What’s emotional Enslavement then?

It’s a relatively simple concept, really.  Emotional Enslavement the state of a woman being addicted to you emotionally.

Once enslaved, she needs to be around you or in a relationship with you to achieve her emotional high.

Most guys make this mistake when they are with a woman… once they run out of “Pickup” tricks, she quickly loses interest.

Make no mistake… Enslavement is absolutely crucial in the dating process.

Without it, you run the risk of your wife or girlfriend leaving you for a guy she’s on a business trip with. And my friend David can vouch that this isn’t something you want to experience.

You Got To Manipulate Her Emotional Flaws

Let’s quickly recap what we have so far When it comes to making a woman emotionally dependent on you, Enslavement is the end game.

I’ll explain how to do this in detail shortly, but first let me tell you some basic female psychology that you must know.

Firstly, women don’t think like you or me. The female thought process is entirely different to a man’s.

And as you will discover, a woman’s mind is terribly flawed which makes it vulnerable to be exploited.

It’s true. Most intelligent people know it, but most people are too scared to say it for fear of being labelled ‘sexist’.

Anyone who tells you otherwise is talking shit.

Now here’s the biggest flaw inside a woman’s mind:

Her need for emotional drama.

A woman’s life is ruled entirely by emotions, and never by reason.

It makes complete sense if you think about it…

I mean, how many times have you seen a woman act completely irrationally for no real reason?

A lot, I bet.

Now think: how many times have you seen a man throw a tantrum over something irrelevant?

Exactly. A hell of a lot less, if ever.

So ask yourself – why is there such a divide in rational behavior between men and women? Well, the answer is quite simple.