%Genuine Spell Casting & Natural Healing Services %Dr KeithLove Problem Solution LOVE DRAWING : Attracts love into your life if you are currently single and looking to find someone special.

This is also good love spell if you are with someone and want their feelings to deepen, or for them to show their love

and affection for you more. I Love Problem Solution

FOLLOW ME BOY :  Attracts the attention of a specific man you have your eye on, making them keen to be with

you. This spell has quite a commanding/domination influence. For something less “bossy”, choose , “Come to Me ”

FOLLOW ME GIRL : Attracts the attention of a specific woman you have your eye on, making them keen to be

with you. This spell has quite a commanding/domination influence. For something less “bossy”, choose , “Come to Me” Love Problem Solution

COME TO ME : This to used to attract a new lover of the opposite sex into your life. You can use to target someone

you know, or use it when you just want someone new in your life. When targeting someone you know, this is not the

same formula as Follow Me Boy/Girl – FMB/FMG has more of a commanding/domination influence.

STAY AT HOME : This love spell works to keep your loved one at home more. Useful for partner’s who spend a lot

of time away from home for whatever reason, or just to encourage your partner to spend more time with you at home

COMMUNICATION : Choose this spell when you want to encourage someone to call, write, text, etc. It can also be

used to improve the way two people communicate with one another , eg to increase the frequency of the

communication and /or the quality of the communication. People out of contact for more than a month will need the stronger black magics CONTACT spell.

RECONCILIATION : Works to bring you and your ex back together. A kit is strongly advised in addition to the

casting/s as reconciliation work is one of the trickiest areas of magics, so needs additional power. This spell is only

going to help if the issues that drove you apart are minor and if you have only been separated a maximum of 2 weeks

or so. Anything over that and the connection between you is greatly weakened and you will need much stronger work

done – see the 2 week root work course in the custom magic or the 30 day return to me spell in the extreme magic

section.  the divorce was recent because the actual break down of the union would have taken place long before the divorce.

FORGIVE & FORGET : Helps one or both of you to forgive hurts, move on with your relationship and improve

things between you. Can also be used if you are single and trying to heal from past hurts.

CUT & CLEAR : Cut all ties with someone, truly forget someone, help extricate yourself from a difficult

relationship, let go of past problems, etc. Basically helps you cut all ties with the past and open the way for a happier, more desirable future.

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