Memory Spells To Erase Painful Memories

%Genuine Spell Casting & Natural Healing Services %Dr KeithMemory Spells To Erase Painful Memories. Forget the past and focus a head by using memory spell. This is a spell to erase memory. This spell works well with those who want to erase a memory from someone else’s mind.

embarrassing situation that was going to ruin my life. The spell worked after three days and my life went back to

normal. I would try this spell if you are really in a pinch and want to erase memory fast.’

Spell to Erase Memory in USA/Memory Spells To Erase Painful Memories

  • A gray candle
  • Star oil
  1. Rub the star oil onto the candle while chanting the following; Go thee, Goddess and Find, Please erase :person: mind, do this in three days time, by the power of 9/9
  2. Stare into the flame and imagine the image and memory leaving the persons mind.

This spell is simple but works really well. Within three days the person won’t remember the memory.

To erase a painful memory. Of course you will not automatically forget, but over time it will dissipate from your collective mind and shall bother you no more

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