Spell to Activate Your Powers

%Genuine Spell Casting & Natural Healing Services %Dr KeithSpell to Activate Your Powers. Powerful spells that work, effective spell caster, traditional healer, spiritual healing, black magic spell. This is a witchcraft spell to activate your powers. If you are wanting to see what you are capable of then try this spell. Activating your powers can mean a lot of things, one thing to be aware of is your

perception. You may notice your third eye chakra opening. This may include changes on awareness and psychic

development. Do you need this Spell to Get a Job?

Spell to Activate Your Powers

  1. Take the star oil and rub it on your yellow candle and charge it with your intention. This means, think of the outcome of the spell while rubbing the candle.
  2. Light the candle and place it on your altar.
  3. Chant the following; “Yellow, yellow tried and true, bring me my powers anew, by mystic magic and full moon bright, bring me my wish tonight.”
  4. Go into a trance state by chanting the spell for 30 minutes.
  5. When you are done, meditate for an hour.
  6. You will start noticing the difference immediately.

This spell will help you by activating your powers. Your power might be many things but you can use this spell as one of your first spells to enhance all your other spells. I wrote this spell over 13 years ago which is why the spell is so simple. I need to create a simple spell that worked. That’s how this spell to activate your powers came to be. The first thing I notice were really vivid dreams. Then they became premonitions. My powers came in slow and I had to develop them with meditation. Then I notice the nature powers like making clouds disappear and making the wind blow.

Don’t worry if you don’t notice changes right away. It takes time. Just like my spell to lucid dream, it was fairly recent but I don’t have them everyday