Ancestral Calling

%Genuine Spell Casting & Natural Healing Services %Dr KeithAncestral Calling Or Ubizo According To Southern Africa  spiritual healer and traditional healer. Nguni People Is An

Awakening To One’s Purpose Called On By Our African Ancestors.

It Is Usually To Be A Healer Sangoma, Though Healing Is Just One Of Many Reasons For This Calling.

Amadlozi Or Vadzimu Are Ancestors Of The Nguni People. Ancestors Are Summoned For Help. They’re Considered  To Be Custodians Of Our Lives.

Ancestral Calling| Powerful Spiritual Healer

According To me, A Young Sangoma, They’re Various Types Of Ancestors And Spirits That Exist Within The Bloodline Of Southern African People.

It Is Then Up To You To Accept The Calling Or Reject It. In Accepting The Calling You

Will Then Go Through An Initiation Process Called Intwaso In Xhosa Which Means “Spiritual Emergence”.

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