Deep Commitment Spell

%Genuine Spell Casting & Natural Healing Services %Dr KeithDeep Commitment Spell. Powerful commitment spells that work I provide a wide range of services to both individuals and couples. Being one person,

being able to give my clients personalized quality service. Below, is a list of the services that I offer to my clients along with a brief description.

The list below is by no means all-inclusive, please feel free to inquire about a service if you do not see it listed.

Arrange your candles in a star shape, so if you connected lines between them they would make a pentacle.

The red candles should be the top point and two bottom points, and the white candles should be the other two points.Place your picture in the center of the candles, then light them counter clockwise.
Say this chant, focusing on the picture of your lover.

To my lover, dearest he/she
Bound together I wish to be
Eternal love and health I seek
Our future bright and never bleak

Open up, be true to me
Love me deep and never flee
I’ll not hurt you ever or
Desert you so let our love soar

Our feelings now intensify
Never fear and never lie
So we will stand the test of time
For true love it is not a crime

An it be truly told and done
Our loving wishes to be won
Take this spell and make it be
As I will so mote it be

At this point, if you have means to get a drop of blood, Deep Commitment Spell, drop the blood onto the picture, then kiss the picture,

pressing your lips into the drop, so it leaves a kiss-mark. If you do not have the blood,

simply kiss the photo. At this point, fold the picture up width-wise, three times.
If you’ve got the thread/ribbon, wrap it around the picture tightly, and tie it in a knot.

If you haven’t got this, use the tape, but try to use clear tape or white tape, not black tape.

Keep the photo somewhere safe, where it will not be disturbed.