Moon Incense

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Make sure you have all of the ingredients three days before the full moon along with a mortar and pestle to grind them in.

  • 2 ounces of sandalwood powder.  Get the finest quality you can, you don’t want lumpy incense and it will make the grinding a lot easier.

  • 4 grams of amber resin, do not confuse this with the stone! You can usually find this at health food stores, herb shops or your local occult store.
  • 3 drops of real Vanilla Extract.  The kind of your store is fine.

Moon Incense

Please Note: This recipe is for outdoor rituals. If you will be using the inside, use no more than 1/2

ounce Sandalwood powder and double the amount of amber to reduce flames.

Now that you have your ingredients, gather them all and find a good location.  Doing this outside under the moon is

recommended, but inside near a window with the moonlight coming in will work as well.

Put the sandalwood powder and amber into your mortar. . Use deposal (clockwise) grinding motions (This is very

important, please make sure you are going clockwise).  Concentrate on the energy of the full moon, if you are

creating this for a specific spell, focus on your desired outcome of the spell. Once you have a smooth consistency add

the vanilla, 1 drop at a time.  While you are doing this say your personal words of power.  If you do not have any personal words of power you can use –

Moonlight, here tonight, grant the power, so I might”.

Blend the drops in using the same clockwise motion.  Once you are done transfer it to a CLEAR sealed, airtight jar.

Place it in a cool, dark, dry place. Place the jar outside to charge under the moon for the three days leading up to the

full moon. Keep it in the sealed jar, allowing the moonlight to charge the incense. After the full, the is ready.

That’s how you make as I said before, it is extremely powerful so don’t be fooled by the ease at which you can make the.