Ancient Greek Love Magic

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In the ancient Greek world not all was fair in war, but it certainly was in love. Unrequited love and sexual desire are

the main reasons for employing a witch in the literary sources and ancient Greek spell books and collections abound

with magical cures for heartache, many of which involve supernatural coercing of the beloved. Some even aim, with malicious intent

Binding Spells: Cursing Tablets and Ancient Greek Voodoo Dolls

The common method of controlling a prospective lover was through a binding spell. Such magic could incite hunger

and desire for the curser and a great unhappiness that could only be quelled by being together. The most popular

manner of cursing in all of Classical Antiquity was through cursing tablets, also known as decisions. Over 1,600 such

Sending Eros and Using the Secret Names of Aphrodite/ Ancient Greek Love Magic

involved through the use of special rituals or sacred names. The secret name of Aphrodite, one of which has been

Several surviving spells concern the controlling of Eros.

usually from wax, which was to be imbued with the spirit of the god through a period of consecration or through the

burning of offerings. The god-in-wax was then made to serve the magician who, it was instructed, was to send the

god forth to create unbearable longing or sensual dreams in the beloved which would ultimately lead him or her to the magician.

Ancient Greek Aphrodisiacs and Lust Spells/ Ancient Greek Love Magic

There were of course simpler incantations to incite a man or woman with lust, but one assumes upon reading them

professional witch. This example takes a leaf from the