Full Moon Love Spell

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chants and spells. In this case, we re talking about your journey of being single. This spell is perfect for helping to attract “the one” if you’re tired of looking.

Full moons are notorious for creating emotional chaos because they prompt such intense emotions! This spell helps

you use that to your advantage. Ever heard of the Law of Attraction Using the intensity of your energy, whatever you put out, you get back in spades.

For this love spell, you’ll want to focus on your desire to have a partner how much it would mean to you, how in

love you would be, what support you’d feel as opposed to your sadness of being single. That extra energy oomph is what will kick this spell in high gear.

Full Moon Love Spell – What you need: 

  • A handful of rose petals
  • A “earth” full moon

How to cast: 

Write down a list of qualities you want your person to have. It can be as long and as detailed as you’d like!

If possible, wait for an earth moon: Capricorn, Taurus or Virgo. However, any full moon will do just fine, as long as

your energy is in the right place. However, full moons always take on the energy of the sign they are in. Since we are

using an earthly agent (rose petals) and hoping to find a stable connection, earth moons will bring about the most firepower for this spell.

After you’ve written down your qualities, fold up the paper and place it near your breast—close to your heart.

Go outside your house with the rose petals. Circle your house three times whilst dropping the petals bit by bit. Chant

to yourself or in your head, over and over as you do this, Come to me. I’m ready for you.