Pink Candle Free Love Spell

%Genuine Spell Casting & Natural Healing Services %Dr KeithPink Candle Free Love Spell, simple love spells that work, easy love spells with candles, simple red candle love spell, candle love spells that work, white candle spells for love, Friday night love spells, perform pink candle love spell, pink candle meaning magic. This simple free love spell is so easy anyone can cast it!. You only need two things, and if you don’t already have them

in your house you can easily get them at any store. This spell will give you a boost in confidence and is sure to raise your level of attractiveness to the opposite sex.

You only need –

Pink candle and a bottle of 100% virgin olive – Pink Candle Free Love Spell

What you do: Put the candle on your altar – a table or any flat surface will work if you don’t have an altar. Coat your

hand in olive oil and brush your fingers on the middle of the candle going up, then going down. You are purifying the

candle with the olive oil,  so be sure to visualize the love and energy you want to charge the candle with.  Imagine this flowing from your fingers into the candle with each pass.

Do this until you feel the candle is pure and charged with your desire.  When you are done, carve what you want or the name of your lover into the candle.

Next light the candle. Focus on the flame, watch it dance and jump with the energy you charged it with.  

Pass the love you desire and want into the flame and let it be sent out into the universe.

Make sure you are comfortable and do this until the flame is completely out.

The spell is working and gaining strength with every second you are concentrating on it. What you put into this is what you get out!

When the candle is done, the spell is done so make sure you put your full energy into it.