Why don’t my relationships last?

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If anyone reading this has been in a relationship for over six months (give or take however long may need to pass

before you feel the weight of normalcy), you’ve experienced this: The novelty wears off, the rose-colored glasses are

shattered, and you’re sharing your life with another flawed, fallible, perfectly imperfect human being.

Congratulations! Welcome to your real relationship.

Human beings are wired for connection. So wired, in fact, that at times we try to force relationships with people with

whom we don’t have a sustainable connection. We push ourselves together like mismatched puzzle pieces and get

frustrated at the other person when the corners don’t quite fit. We get angry at ourselves for consistently picking the

wrong person.

In all of our relationships, despite all the problems we may point out in our partners, the only common denominator is us. We are the only person we continuously bring along into each new relationship.

Relationships are hard. We know this. But the core issues that reside in each of us, ranging from fear of abandonment to overly attached and controlling patterns, will remain active factors in our relationships until we have the courage and the resources to deal with and work through them.