Why is my husband or wife divorcing me?

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What is the number 1 reason for divorce?!What are the signs your marriage is over?!Who suffers the most in a divorce?! Why is my husband or wife divorcing me?

Relationships are complicated, to say the very least, and even the most stable of marriages will go through intense

highs and extreme lows. So if you’re asking yourself, “Should I get a divorce?” know that you’re not alone — a 2015

poll found that half of all married couples have contemplated divorce. But determining whether or not your marriage

should end is an entirely personal decision, and there are a number of factors that will play into you eventually choosing to either work through your relationship issues, or call it quits.

Of course, there are some obvious signs that your marriage is coming to an end, including infidelity, a lack of

communication, and toxic and/or abusive behavior. But the majority of the signs that you should end your

marriage are much more subtle, and may take some time for you to see and process. Of course, just because some of

these red flags sound familiar to you doesn’t mean you should immediately hire a divorce lawyer, either. Many of these

red flags could point to a need for support, be it from a family member, friend, or marriage counselor, so that you and your partner can become better equipped to work through your issues. Counseling may not improve your

marriage immediately, but it can provide you with the necessary tools to make any future relationships (including the relationship you have with yourself) healthier, happier, and more sustainable.